5 Steps to Uncovering Your Inner Badass

5. Tell yourself you’re a badass even if it doesn’t feel like you are in the moment. 

Sometimes we just need to wake up tell ourselves we’re a complete BA. Are we always there? No. But the more we remind ourselves that the beautiful, kickass woman is part of us and is in there, the easier it is to pull her out and unleash her on the world when needed. 

4. Move Your Body

Getting in a workout, walk, or yoga flow helps clear the mind and serves a demonstration on what we are capable of. Even sneaking in 10-15 minutes of movement can increase mood, attention span, and motivation for the rest of the day. 

3. Focus on the Good

You can’t realize you’re a badass until you start realizing all the badass things you do in a day. Instead of beating yourself over the head for every little ‘mistake’ try to boost yourself up by recognizing all the good you do. Remember - just because you’re not being recognized by someone else doesn’t mean what you’re doing isn’t amazing. You don’t need anyone to verify how astounding you are. 

2. Spread the Good Vibes

Recognizing other’s qualities and achievements boosts their confidence and creates an easier connection to positive thinking toward yourself and the world around you. Not only that, but recognized the good in others is contagious. You compliment someone on a job well done and they in turn compliment someone else later that day, then that person recognizes two people for their quality traits and soon enough we’re all living in a badass world of positivity. 

1. Acknowledge Your Own Power

Take a moment to realize the fantastic position you are in. You can, simply with your thoughts, words, and actions, not only change your outlook on this exact moment, but you have the capability to change your day, your year, your life, and the entire world. Yes, it all takes a tremendous amount of work and bravery, but at the end of the day you can make things happen and that is remarkable. Believe in the work you put in, believe in the power of community, and believe in your own badassery.  


Enough is Enough

The time for tearing down, speaking ill, and being threatened by other women is through. Not only does this behavior create a divided and weak front in our attempts to be heard, but we limit our understanding of our communities, our nations, and our world. We are quick to judge, quick to blame, and quick to turn our heads to the injustices that occur every single day. When we allow our sisters to be walked over, we are expressing that this behavior is acceptable and expected. Well, we have lived in that world long enough and we are over it.

Now is the time to build a support system, an understanding, and a bravery among all the sisters of every nationality, background, and belief system. It is time to listen to one another with respect and with genuine interest. We will fix nothing until this happens, because we know when we grant others the safe space to speak their mind - knowing that others are truly listening - we raise the bar of what is being said.

We encourage educated, researched, supportive ideas. We encourage opinions, solutions, theories, and courses of action rooted in love instead of being propelled and advanced by fear and hatred. We encourage growth. We encourage responsibility of the individual to show up as her best self in order for the entire world to do the same. When one of us grows, we all grow. We are better off as individuals, as women, and as a society when we allow others to be themselves. If you tear others down, you are only weakening your own foundation. 

This is our turning point. Our chance to mark ourselves in the history books, not as the generations that allowed the world to slip back in time, but as the citizens who continued to push us forward despite the apparent darkness ahead. 

We are the makers of change, the pillars of sisterhood, and the hidden mighty who are willing to put up a fight for one another in our own unique way. We are brave and we are willing to embrace our diversity instead of fear it.

We are ready to listen and we are ready to be heard. 


The League of Badass Women